Transforming Robots Walkabout NY

Transforming Robots Walkabout NY

Transforming Robots Walkabout NY

These robots will be the feature of your event, offering enjoyable interactive walkabout entertainment that audiences of all ages and nationalities may enjoy.
created with the amazing creativity of a gifted costume designer. These two robot costumes are both highly intricate, real, and handcrafted. They have dazzled audiences at gatherings all around the United States, including the prestigious Anime Convention Katsucon.
The robots are taller than 9 feet. Also Transforming robots feature cutting-edge architecture and robust PA systems that ensure they can be heard above the screams of their adoring crowds. They are both covered in hundreds of LED lights. On a 24 inch lit screen, the robots can also be customised to show logos and text.
At trade fairs, conventions, product launches, corporate events, and festivals, these robots—operated by skilled performers—will command attention.
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