Treasure Hunt Adventure – Pirate-themed Activity Spain

Treasure Hunt Adventure – Pirate-themed Activity Spain

Treasure Hunt Adventure – Pirate-themed Activity Spain

Invite your staff or coworkers to take part in this thrilling Treasure Hunt Adventure, an off-site team-building activity perfect for big workgroups, to help them improve skills like communication, leadership, and delegation.
As it is a pirate-themed exercise, this external interactive game will mimic an actual treasure hunt. The activity leaders will meet the participants at a predetermined location in the city and outfit them like authentic pirates by giving them bandanas and eye patches. Because they will all be dressed like pirates, it will be simple to identify our staff. Teams of eight or ten persons each will be formed from groups of 40 and up to 1,000 people.
Following the formation of the teams, the leaders will go over the rules of this external interactive game and invite each team to select a captain. Captains of teams must don a pirate hat. Then, a map with marked locations and a roadbook with directions, hints, and images will be distributed to each of the several teams. The path to take will differ for each map and book.
Teams must seek for the buried treasure by following all the instructions that have been given. They will encounter many obstacles along the road, including sword fights, and learn how to function as a team, how to cultivate a positive mindset, and how to manage their time.
This out-of-office team-building activity is a fantastic chance for coworkers to do something enjoyable together in a different setting, forge lasting friendships, and create shared experiences.
This outdoor team-building activity costs, which includes:
pirate maps with location markers
Roadmap containing directions, hints, and images
eye shields
Bandanas (different colours for each team) (different colours for each team)
blow-up swords (necessary for sword fights)
For team captains, pirate hats
Staff members wearing pirate garb
The first person to discover the treasure will win. A bottle of cava and regional nougat will be given to the victorious team at the conclusion of this entertaining pirate-themed exercise. On request, additional awards and prizes will be given. It is optional to record and photograph this external interactive game.
Contact us right away and ask to talk with one of our entertainment organisers to reserve this Treasure Hunt Adventure. If you have any questions about this external interactive game, our experts would be pleased to provide you with further information and address them.

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