Truth or Bluff Virtual Xmas Game Show

Truth or Bluff Virtual Xmas Game Show

Truth or Bluff Virtual Xmas Game Show

FAQs1. How does this online game operate? Zoom is being used for a live virtual game show. Guests will be invited to fill out a questionnaire about their "hidden truths" before the event, and your quiz presenter will welcome them into the virtual setting and guide them through the Truth or Bluff game. Visitors are invited to nominate themselves as participants who are eager to answer questions about the occasion and compete for the honour of greatest bluffer. During their time in the spotlight, participants will be interrogated by guests in an effort to obfuscate the truth. Guests will then vote on whether they think the competitor is telling the truth or is using polling software when their time is up. How many sessions last? Each online game of Truth or Bluff lasts for 60 minutes. Are there any requirements for participants? Guests will require a reliable internet connection and a device to observe the host on in order to participate. They will need a smartphone to enter their responses in the truth or bluff survey. Your host will go over the rules of this game when your event begins; it is browser-based and doesn't require any downloading of software. 4. Can this be customised? This game was made just for you based on the surveys that attendees filled out before the event. After receiving these, our in-house production team gets to work designing a totally unique game show experience for your business.

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