Turkish Ebru Paper Marbling

Turkish Ebru Paper Marbling

Turkish Ebru Paper Marbling

Now ready to enthral your guests wherever in the world is the amazing traditional Turkish art known as ebru. The stunning artworks may be produced in a spellbinding performance either before or during the occasion.
Traditional methods for Turkish ebru paper marbling involve dirt, coloured inks, water, and a variety of special instruments. Colored inks are spilled upon water and allow them to float. The ebru artist uses colour manipulation to produce amazing and distinctive patterns. In order to capture the colours and patterns as you see them, the final step entails laying a sheet of specialised paper onto. Our ebru artist has honed his craft to the point that he can produce extremely stunning traditional and contemporary works of art.
Each work of paper marbling art is absolutely original, and our talented artist can either produce hypnotic patterns or accurate reproductions of things like flowers. He can produce unique works of traditional art just for you and your visitors.
Our Turkish ebru artist not only provides custom artwork, but also creates it live (watch the video above to see how). The International Travel Expo in Hong Kong, the Red Cross Ball in Geneva, the Noto Flower Show in Italy, and Turk Telekom have all served as clients for this kind of work in the past. The painting may be projected onto a large screen where he works and even contain brand colours, making it ideal for stunning crowds.
This is a very unique artistic performance that produces a custom-made, unique item that your visitors will treasure for years.
If you want to reserve Turkish ebru paper marbling for your upcoming event, get in touch with our team of accommodating Entertainment Coordinators.

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