Two Wheel Tours – Sightseeing Tour | Rome

Two Wheel Tours – Sightseeing Tour | Rome

Two Wheel Tours – Sightseeing Tour | Rome

Invite your group to join our thrilling two wheel tour as we explore Rome in a unique way! We offer our unique tour options as the ideal entertaining group outing for your team outing. Our unique sightseeing tour provides the best option for your personalised Italian fun. В
Give your visitors a one-of-a-kind and enduring experience with one of our thrilling Two Wheeled Tours of Rome. Our unique tour options offer the ideal mode of transportation for exploring churches, picturesque fountains, beautiful renaissance squares, elegant shopping lanes, and Roman ruins that are all steeped in art and history. В
We give you the rare option of taking a Segway, Vespa, classic Fiat 500, pedal cycle, or electric bike. Our two-wheel trips are specifically created as a unique and enjoyable group excursion for your team-building trip to Rome. В
We arrange Segway, motor scooter, and bicycle excursions as the top ways to see Rome so that your party can find secret hotspots and attractive paved side streets. Additionally, we can organise private vintage tours in Fiat 500s, Piaggio Ape cabriolets, antique Vespas, and other vehicles. Rome is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, awash in ancient ruins, churches, monuments, world class traditions, and art collections. Our knowledgeable guides will lead your group on a journey of discovery that will enable everyone to immerse themselves in a truly authentic atmosphere of Rome. Your group will embark on a unique sightseeing trip with our knowledgeable guides, taking in all the top attractions of Rome while riding bicycles! В
We market our flexible trips as the ideal entertaining outing for your business outing or award day. specially created to provide your group the chance to partake in a special team-building exercise. As an alternative, we may completely customise your two-wheeled sightseeing tour, guaranteeing unforgettable corporate entertainment.
For your corporate entertainment or private tour, we provide the two-wheeled alternatives listed below, each of which is guaranteed to make an impression.

Discover Rome's most well-known sites and attractions with only your pedal power! Our cycling tour is perfect for your group if you want to see the majority of the city's top attractions in a half-day while also getting some exercise. В  sScooter
Take a four-hour tour of Rome while perched atop the most recognisable scooter in the world! The grand tour will take your visitors on a discovery-filled excursion and give them the chance to experience the "everlasting city" up close and personal while riding on a Vespa. В Fiat 500
Take a seat for a four-hour tour of Rome in the most entrancing Italian vintage vehicle! Allow your driver to show you Rome in a way you've never seen it before while you sit back and relax. You will cruise in style as you bounce along the old basalt roads, traverse the massive squares, and accelerate up the fabled hills! The schedule has been specifically created around this amazing vintage car and what it can do, giving your guests the chance to explore locations that are well off the main path.
Three distinct tour choices are available on the traditional Italian Vespa. Choose from Set Movie, where you will visit well-known 1950s and 1960s filming locations in Rome, or A tour of the Castello Romani will take you to the top of the Alban Hills, where you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Tusculum, or it will take you to the New Rome and Ancient Ostia, where you can see the ancient port of Rome, the dunes from the Roman beaches, the Colosseum Square, and the thriving working-class Testaccio neighbourhood. All trips give you the chance to see Italy in all its glory from the comfort of your Vespa. Discover the real, contemporary Rome off the beaten path, where it thrives amidst the ruins of the magnificent Imperial past. A Piaggio Ape, which resembles a vespa with a folding roof, is perhaps the most distinctive of our two-wheeled alternatives and makes for a chic conveyance to take you on a distinctive journey of exploration across Rome. В
Your group will explore locations with our Segway excursions that are further from the typical tourist trail thanks to our unique route created specifically for the chic cabriolet rickshaw known as the Ape! With our Segways, you can choose from taking an Imperial tour, a Borghese tour, or a Trastevere trip. В
Regardless of the option you select for your personal group outing, make sure your customised entertainment stands out with our distinctive and cutting-edge two-wheel tours that let your group learn what makes Rome tick!

Practical Advice

Maximum number of participants - limitless bike tours
Tours on electric bikes
Motorcycle Tours
Tour with Automatic Scooter
Authentic Vespa Tour
A Segway Tour
The Fiat 500 Tour
Electric Infiniti 500 Tour
Retro-Car Tour
Every scooter and bike tour includes a helmet.
Additionally included are single-use sanitary underhelmets
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