Venetian Mask Making Workshop

Venetian Mask Making Workshop

Venetian Mask Making Workshop

Our Venetian mask-making session is a fantastic creative team-building choice appropriate for business prizes, corporate incentives, and parties looking to get creative. В
Participants of all ages can participate in this business-related team-building exercise. As our Venetian mask making workshop leaders will train and guide participants through the corporate art workshop, no prior decorating or artistic knowledge is essential. В
If you have a larger group, it may be readily accommodated in this imaginative team-building activity. This corporate art class typically accommodates up to 50 visitors while they create Venetian masquerade masks.
Before starting to decorate their Venetian masquerade masks, participants receive a brief introduction to the history of masquerade balls and the culture of Venice.
A Venetian masquerade mask can be customised with the help of the given paint, feathers, and glitter. In the two-hour corporate art workshop, participants will receive step-by-step instructions for colouring, embellishing, and completing Venetian masquerade masks so they can turn them into unique keepsakes. This corporate painting workshop is a fantastic opportunity for team building, providing coworkers with a laid-back environment to get to know one another while challenging their creativity. It will serve as a one-of-a-kind and authentic remembrance of their time in Italy. В
Once finished, each guest will have a special mask that is ideal for theme parties and masquerade balls. Venice serves as the base for this imaginative team-building exercise, which can also be conducted in other parts of Italy.
Booking Advice
For groups of 50 or more
Materials for every Venetian masquerade mask are provided.
Works nicely as a fun team-building exercise to strengthen abilities
Can be reserved in conjunction with a custom masquerade ball
To learn more about our session on creating Venetian masks, or to talk about our other corporate art workshops and fun ways to foster creative teams.
Contact our helpful Events Team, who can put together a customised masquerade package that includes this session for creating Venetian masks.

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