Vintage Aerial Circus Show – Book Cirque Show | France

Vintage Aerial Circus Show – Book Cirque Show | France

Vintage Aerial Circus Show – Book Cirque Show | France

For a spectacular with a Belle poque theme that will surprise your guests, reserve the wonderful Vintage Aerial Circus Show. The one-hour action-packed show has incredible acrobatics, comedic antics, theatrical stage routines, and much more, all presented in a lovely setting with top-notch vintage costumes. В
The early 1900s, when circuses were a popular attraction, are the focus of this classic circus show, which is skilfully performed by a group of highly trained and seasoned circus performers. On a completely movable round stage with a spectacular aerial framework, the Vintage Aerial Circus Show is presented. The 9-meter-tall art nouveau aerial stage prop composed of two Korean frames with swinging trapezes is the centrepiece of the circus performance. В
The Vintage Aerial Circus Show gracefully evokes the essence of the time with amazing showmanship, exquisitely made costumes, moustachioed gents, stylish dames, and amusing stage antics, transporting your visitors back in time. With its vast range of trapeze acts, acro-balance, spectacular acrobatics, and comedic theatrical acts, the elevating classic cirque show is entertaining for audiences of all demographics. The classic circus performance also has a highly outstanding wholly unique soundtrack that was composed and performed particularly for this act. В
The fantastic Vintage Aerial Circus Show is perfect for outdoor occasions including festivals, street performances, city centre events, and much more. Bookings for indoor events are possible as long as the ceiling is high enough.
Best Practice: This act can be divided into smaller shows or separate acts depending on the needs of the customer. The same group also presents a scaled-down version of its 1930s Aerial Circus Show.
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