Virtual Celebrity Chef Yan

Virtual Celebrity Chef Yan

Virtual Celebrity Chef Yan

1. What can you tell me about Chef Yan? Chef Yan, please! В Martin Yan has hosted culinary and travel-related television programmes for more than 30 years. He has also produced more than 30 cookbooks, including Martin Yan's Feast, Martin Yan's Chinatown Cooking, Martin Yan's Quick & Easy, and Martin Yan's China. Following the pandemic, Chef Yan has conducted innumerable instructive and entertaining virtual events for charities and business clients, including well-known companies like Google. Chef Yan developed a love for cooking as a young apprentice in a well-known restaurant in Hong Kong. Chef Yan was born in Guangzhou, China, into a family of restaurant and store owners. At the Overseas Institute of Cookery in Hong Kong and later in the USA, where he also discovered a talent for teaching as a chef-instructor, he improved his abilities even more. He introduced the now-iconic Yan Can Cook series in 1978, mixing cooking courses with his distinct brand of humour and talent. 2. What can I anticipate from Chef Yan's online cooking class? A really enjoyable and interesting virtual encounter with a cherished TV chef! Online visitors will set out on a trip of gastronomic and cultural exploration! Asian cuisine will be prepared live by the participants and Chef Yan. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chinese New Year are just a few of the themes and holidays that Chef Yan can modify for the virtual cook-along to accommodate all skill levels. Topics and foods covered include: Easy 15-minute dishes that are quick. Holiday festivities Holiday menu wholesome cooking Along with extra dim sum (appetizers) options for Chinese, Asian, or fusion cuisine Techniques: knife and wok skills We strongly advise hiring Virtual Chef Yan for outstanding online remote team-building activities, national Asian holidays, cultural events, and virtual Chinese New Year festivities! 3. Is the online cooking class with Chef Yan live or recorded? Usually, this is an online cooking class that is live-streamed. offered on the majority of widely used video conferencing services, including Zoom. Chef Yan will participate in the session live from his well-equipped home kitchen, and multiple cameras will be set up to record the activity. Pre-recorded presentations are an alternative. Please contact us for additional information. But because online visitors can engage with Chef Yan in real time and experience his great enthusiasm and unwavering passion for cooking, we highly recommend the live-streamed session! 4. How long is the online culinary course? Join Chef Yan for a 45–60 minute Q&A session online. For instance, participants can prepare three quick and simple 15-minute dinners in a single 45-minute lesson. Contact us right away to talk about your demands for a virtual event since Virtual Chef Yan is adaptable. 5. How must visitors participate? Participants will receive recipes and shopping lists through email in advance. There is no need to visit an Asian market or specialty food store because the majority of the ingredients and seasonings used by Chef Yan are found in regular supermarkets. Customers can also buy Chef Yan's unique gift set, which includes an autographed cookbook, his signature chef knife, and scissors. A nice keepsake from the online event! On request, additional details are available.

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