Virtual Girl Band | Virtual Entertainment

Virtual Girl Band | Virtual Entertainment

Virtual Girl Band | Virtual Entertainment

What can I anticipate from the All-Female Virtual Band, question 1? A breathtaking live music performance beamed directly to your living room! This all-female group is being presented to you by Showband: Fire & Ice, one of Germany's top event bands. Several well-known video conferencing services are compatible with this experience, however Zoom is recommended. A unique show can also be pre-recorded by our online musicians and then easily inserted into your virtual event schedule. How long is the show, exactly? The 15–60 minute shows that our all-female virtual band can put on. For online visitors who want to be surprised and delighted, we advise using one 20-minute high-impact set. 3. How is the setup done? Usually, our online band plays in a professional studio with top-notch lighting and sound equipment. If requested, they can even perform in front of a green screen. A group of technicians are present in this situation to take care of the machinery. Please be aware that studio rental may incur additional costs. 4. Can the online musicians customize their performances? Absolutely! These brilliant women have a vast repertoire that spans the decades, including timeless ballads and popular party songs from around the world. To create a fully personalized concert, pick your favorite tracks. 5. Can the online female group go on themed concerts? Yes! Our performers can alter their set selections, outfits, and even the atmosphere of the recording studio to fit a specific theme. Please get in touch to discuss your event theme as this can incur an additional price. In addition to playing music, our virtual musicians may also host an online game of Christmas song trivia. 6. Do substitute lineups exist? Yes. Select a solo performer, a duo, a trio, or a four-piece band. Alternately, combine male and female performers into the lineup. For more details, see our Virtual Showband: Fire & Ice.

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