Virtual Musical Bingo | Christmas Party | Bella Entertainmen

Virtual Musical Bingo | Christmas Party | Bella Entertainmen

Virtual Musical Bingo | Christmas Party | Bella Entertainmen

How long does a round of online bingo last? Each virtual bingo game has eight musical rounds and is intended to last 60 minutes. On request, shorter and longer games are offered. 2. How many visitors can attend? A virtual bingo game can have up to 500 players, but for the optimal user experience, we recommend a minimum of 10 players. If your group size is bigger than 500 players, we can accommodate this over numerous sessions. 3. Is it possible to customise this online event? Every business, every team, and every virtual bingo game we produce are special. You can have game graphics and digital bingo cards made that feature your brand messaging, event name, and company logo. When submitting an inquiry, please let us know if you'd like to take it a step further and include a themed surprise challenge so our team can come up with some fun ideas! What should I anticipate from this online musical bingo game? Festive Bingo & Beats is a musical bingo game that has been given a fun festive twist for the Christmas season and incorporates all your favourite winter sounds. It is hosted by one of our charming virtual event hosts who will welcome attendees, explain gameplay, and take them through the virtual event. But the difficulty goes much beyond just "predict the song"; players must also look out for visual cues that pop up all throughout the game. В Each player will receive a digital bingo card that they can use to play with on their smartphones.

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