Virtual St Patrick’s Day Quiz

Virtual St Patrick’s Day Quiz

Virtual St Patrick’s Day Quiz

Virtual FAQs1. How does it function? In this captivating quiz-style game about everything Irish, our charming Irish host will greet visitors and take them on a fun yet educational journey. The game offers a variety of entertaining rounds where players can test their skills. There may also be one or two surprise Challenge Rounds, like a scavenger hunt where participants must run and get the most absurd green item they can wear on their head! Rounds include: Myths & LegendsIrish IconsLandmarks of EireLimerick Laughs Any of the following formats may be used for the questions: Picture clues - Contestants will be shown photos, close-ups, and mixed-up images and will be asked to identify them or point out the odd one out. Video clip clues - Contestants will be shown clips of Irish dancing, sporting events, or news stories and will be asked questions such as "What happens next?" "Name the hero," "Spot the Item," and "What happens next again." Your powers of observation will be put to the test Trivia clues: Guests will be presented with a series of challenging questions about Irish landmarks, myths and legends, history, famous icons, and fun facts. Music clues: Players will listen to a medley of songs from Irish legends such as U2 and Sinead O'Connor and must answer tricky questions on both the music and the things they may have noticed in the videos. Your team can come together in the virtual world through the quiz. Additionally, it allows for customization with your logo and/or branding that can be displayed on the welcome page as visitors log in. Visitors can participate individually using an online answer sheet, or they can go into breakout rooms in between rounds and work as a team to answer the questions from each round. The Ultimate Irish Virtual Quiz lasts how long? It takes roughly 60 minutes. If necessary, the quiz can be condensed; contact us for further details. How many people can participate? This experience can accommodate up to 500 people and is accessible via Zoom. If you need an other platform, kindly inquire.

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