Walkabout Poodle Character – Hire Giant Dog Germany

Walkabout Poodle Character – Hire Giant Dog Germany

Walkabout Poodle Character – Hire Giant Dog Germany

What could be superior to a small poodle? Obviously a huge white poodle! This enormous dog is the talk of the town. People stare in awe before suddenly wanting to touch, stroke, and have their pictures taken with it. Everywhere it travels, the walkabout poodle persona captures audiences and adds beauty to any event. Our amazing performer has stilts on his arms and legs in addition to a lovely white poodle outfit. The artist skillfully mimics the poodle's mannerisms and delights in imitating the behaviours of a genuine dog, such as nuzzling up to people and cocking a leg up on lampposts. Despite its small size, the walkabout poodle figure fascinates kids. A travelling canine persona named the white poodle rose to recognition on a global scale at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. It walked the runway for the clothing line RIANI with model Anno Ermakova, the daughter of Boris Becker. Our roaming dog figure, based on Germany, is appropriate for practically any occasion. From private parties, product launches, and fashion presentations to family-friendly events, street parades, and themed gatherings. Best Practice: The White Venetian Characters can help you reserve the white poodle. For more information on hiring the white poodle for your event, whether you're searching for a large dog or an intriguing walkabout performance, get in touch with our entertainment coordinators.

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