Walking Art Characters

Walking Art Characters

Walking Art Characters

Our utterly fantastic walking art characters are visual representations of post-impressionist paintings in a live form. The works of famous 20th-century artists Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh are reflected in the walkabout duo's influences. This one-of-a-kind roaming performer gracefully and elegantly moves throughout your event, gently mixing with attendees or audience members and providing outstanding interactive entertainment.
At any event, the walking art characters will undoubtedly become the centre of attention. Their magnificent outfits are so colourful and eye-catching that it's impossible to miss them, and they rapidly become a popular attraction. As photographers swarm the area, they adopt elegant poses. Everyone will be talking about this roving act for a very long time after the event.
The stunning costume worn by the lady roaming act incorporates elements from Claude Monet's Field of Poppies, while the dashing ensemble worn by our handsome man combines elements from Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night and Sunflowers. The figures' costumes are fitted with adjustable LED lights that constantly alter the colours' appearance, and the UV lights from the umbrellas shine on them to give them a distinctive neon glow that is visible from all sides.
The outstanding walking art characters are an excellent option for interactive entertainment at festivals, art galleries, museums, art exhibitions, and events with a garden theme.
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Super Tip
These walkabout performers can be hired for your event wearing any of their fascinating other costumes, which include:
Duo of Walkabout Neon Pop Art
Duo with Baroque Theme Walkabout
Characters from a Salvador Dali clock
Cloud Roaming Couple
Get in contact with our entertainment specialists if you want assistance booking this walkabout duet if you want to amaze an audience with a distinctive living art experience.

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