Waltz Dancers – Ballroom Dancers | Hire Event Entertainment

Waltz Dancers – Ballroom Dancers | Hire Event Entertainment

Waltz Dancers – Ballroom Dancers | Hire Event Entertainment

High-quality entertainment acts and live performances are provided for events in the UK and abroad by the award-winning booking firm Bella Entertainment UK. Our Waltz Dancers are a captivating ballroom act from Austria that features excellent professional dancers. These professional live dancers can provide a dancing display or roaming ballroom dancers who will liven up your event with a graceful glide of their feet.
The Waltz, which originated from German and Austrian folk dances from the middle of the 18th century, rose to prominence in Vienna in the early 19th century, and from there it spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Waltz music, which employs triple time, is renowned for its lyrical lyrics and occasionally combines multiple melodies into a single composition. There are many different Waltz styles in existence because it developed from a folk dance to a global phenomenon, including Viennese, Slow, Irish, American, American Smooth, Scandinavian, Peruvian, and Mexican. The Waltz is a breathtakingly lovely and graceful dance that is easily recognised by the flowing motion and closeness of the dancers' faces.
Our ballroom dancers all receive professional training in a wide range of modern, traditional, and Latin styles from an internationally known dance group. Our expert dancers are able to create choreography just for your occasion, performing it while wearing traditional or modern attire and to the music of your choice.
Our waltz artists are available for hire in any number of combinations, from a pair to an entire troupe, and can do a walkaround ballroom act or a full dance presentation. Our waltz dancing professionals are the ideal choice whether you want to add a touch of refinement to your historically themed corporate event or you want to dazzle visitors with a full stage show inspired by Strictly Come Dancing at a gala.
Speak to our staff at Bella Entertainment immediately for more details about hiring our wonderful Waltz Dancers for your special occasion.

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