Water Rocket Show – Hire Aquatic Show France

Water Rocket Show – Hire Aquatic Show France

Water Rocket Show – Hire Aquatic Show France

Between the sea and the sky, this breathtaking water rocket show is an extreme performance! A world-first aquatic entertainment from a new age.
Flyboarders, marine superheroes who are half bird, half dolphin, fly before your eyes, dive to the bottom of the ocean, and surface moments later...
Fire, air, and water are combined with lights, holograms, and live performers to make The Elements.
The Flyboard, invented by Franky Zapata, unites riders from all over the world! A new universe awaits you with giant floating holograms, lasers, floating stages, visual artists, and air shows, among other spectacles.
Available Shows
Night or day
With one small difference, there is no screen between you and the action, so you can experience it LIVE! a group of flyboarders on a scripted show, in a world of pure action and excitement worthy of Hollywood super-productions.
Underwater, in the air, on land, and in the sea! They perform their crazy stunts in front of massive holograms, fire, pyrotechnics, lasers, and lighting!
Personalized Tricks demos are followed by shows for your occasion or brand that are staged just a few metres from the audience!
Have you prepared?
evening only
Giant holograms seem to levitate above the sea in the dark. The audience realises that these men are real and flying as lit Flyboarders approach toward them through the water screen.
They dive, going under the water until only a halo of light is visible, then they emerge a short distance from the audience and accomplish incredible feats!
Customized costumes featuring holograms, movies, and coloured lights are available!
Night or day
Flyboarders can do a variety of tricks while involving the audience in this one-of-a-kind experience.
They soar more than 12 metres into the air while diving and swimming like dolphins!
Numerous extras are available, such as audience initiations, pyrotechnics, and costumes with commercial logos.
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