White Truffle Experience

White Truffle Experience

White Truffle Experience

This exquisite dining white truffle experience will awaken your senses, as will the chopper tour of the Lombardy, Piedmont, Langhe, and Monferrato regions. The ultimate VIP experience that will dazzle your visitors, whether it is for a business trip, a prize incentive, or an opulent day vacation.
You can visit this outstanding 5-star resort in the heart of the His Majesty the White Truffles Region, which blends the culinary traditions of North and South Italy to produce a delectable mix of flavours that is brought very nearly to perfection by melting white truffles.
To enjoy great meals and a white truffle tasting experience that combines truffles, wines, brilliant colours, and tastes of extraordinary flavours, take a flight from Milan to Villa Crespi Relais et Chateaux.
After a spellbinding helicopter trip, land close to the amazing restaurant for your exquisite dinner experience, and then take your personal chopper back to Milan.
A VIP experience that can accommodate up to three guests for the smallest helicopter flight and up to five passengers for our AS350 helicopter is ideal for client business trips, rewarding staff members, and any other occasion that calls for high-profile activities in a charming and beautiful setting.
Booking Advice: Indulge your taste buds with top-notch Italian cuisine while taking in the splendour of the White Truffles Region.
From Milan, take a spectacular helicopter flight over the Lombardy, Piedmont, Langhe, and Monferrato regions.
Maximum three passengers for a small helicopter
Maximum five passengers per AS350 helicopter
It is possible to reserve multiple helicopters to accommodate larger groups.
A shuttle service is provided.
Lunch reservations at Villa Crespi Relais et Chateaux are available for upscale dining and a white truffle tasting.
Excellent for both business and leisure trips
Contact our entertainment specialists right away to make reservations for this fantastic helicopter flight and excellent dinner experience. Visit our Ponza Island Helicopter Ride, Bracciano Lake Helicopter Tour, and Helicopter Ride and Wine Tasting pages to see more photos from our fantastic helicopter trips.

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